Kamishibaï Show (Japanese street theatre and storytelling)

Friday 24th January from 17:45 to 18:30

Let yourself be carried away into the world of poetic stories told by YUIKO TSUNO - FRIDAY JANUARY 24th from 17:45 to 18:30 AT THE QUO VADIS TRAVEL FAIR

Yuiko Tsuno - Kamishibai


  • The cranky Chef (classic Japanese kamishibai written and illustrated by Noriko Matsui) 5 mins
  • The brown hen and the smart fox (written and illustrated by Yuiko Tsuno) 5 mins
  • Lico's adventure (written and illustrated by Yuiko Tsuno) : 10 mins
  • The red fish (written and illustrated by Yuiko Tsuno) : 5 mins
  • The crane woman (a traditional Japanese tale, adapted and illustrated by Yuiko Tsuno) 10 mins

FOR THE young ones and/or young minds... COME LISTEN TO the JAPANESE TALES!

Yuiko Tsuno, Japanese artist of kamishibaï (theater of images of Japanese origin), invites you to travel in her poetic world ... where the hen lives with the fox, the boy meets a family of fish and where an elf flies far away thanks to a paper plane… She will also present a traditional Japanese tale - kamishibai and a classic Japanese artwork.

Artist's website : http://yuikotsuno.com/

Kamishibai 1

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Raconté par: Yuiko Tsuno