Conferences and round tables will mark the 3 days of the show on topics such as "tourism and ecology" or "tourism as an actor of peace"

The Conferences

Sunday 26th at 15:00


We will have the honour of welcoming Mr. Bertrand Piccard who will give a presentation on Sunday, January 26th.

With his double identity as a doctor and explorer, giving him a unique look at the psychological resources essential to managing crises and change, Bertrand Piccard will help us to discover other ways of thinking and acting.

He will translate the intensity of his experiences to inspire us on themes as diverse as Achieving the Impossible, Creativity and Innovation, Crisis Management, Teamwork and Communication.

Sunday 26th at 10:30


George Bullard takes us beyond our doorstep on an adventure that has rewritten history.... a bit!

He has covered more than 2000 miles on in the polar regions, including the world's longest fully unsupported Arctic journey, crossed the North Atlantic Ocean in a Kayak, and completed many other extraordinary expeditions / challenges around the world form the depths of the Amazon rainforest to the arid Sahara Desert.


Instagram: @georgebullardexplorer




Friday 24th at 15:30

Satuday 25th at 11:30


An ultra-specialised platform in Cultural Immersions in the heart of Aboriginal communities.

Aurélie Debusschère, will help us discover Native Immersion which she has founded.

Native Immersions is an information platform for travelers, specialising in Immersions and Root Crops. As an ethical educational travel medium, Native Immersions specialises in the preperation and guidance of travelers to immerse themselves in ancestral cultures in the best conditions. Native Immersion collaborates with trusted agencies to entrust the marketing of her closely-created trips indigenous nations. 

Satuday 25th at 15:30

Gain a greater sense of awareness about your impact on the environment with the Mobile Application 'EEVIE'

eevie is a smart eco-guide that enables people to live a more mindful and sustainable lifestyle- think fitbit but for sustainability. Founded by Antonius Willms, Lennart Paar and Dr. Raphael Ferretti in July 2017, eevie is available to download via the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Powered by machine learning, eevie helps us make small behavioral changes on a daily basis by nudging us with actionable information in the right situations. By providing immediate feedback and calculating how conscious decisions affect our day-to-day carbon footprint, eevie helps us improve our impact, from commuting to work to sourcing local produce and reducing plastic waste.

Once you start using eevie, the first thing you will notice is that you will quickly gain a greater sense of awareness about your impact on the environment. Over time and with enough repetition, eevie will actually enable you to adopt new habits and ultimately change your lifestyle.

In the near future, we want to enable businesses to advertise their sustainable products and services to eevie users in an effort to further facilitate eco-friendly lifestyle options. For more information about eevie please visit

Take a picture of the barcode and DOWNLOAD APP NOW !!

Saturday 25th at 14:00

Sunday 26th at 12:00


Bakary was born into a modest family in the southern suburbs of Dakar. At 17, this ambitious young man dreams of only one thing: working closely with tourists in one of the hotels in the Senegalese capital. 1,500km away, in southern Mali, Djeneba wants to take over a plot of land from his family and diversify its family farming. Difficult to consider for a young woman of 25 years old.

Thanks to Tourism for Help, Rathana, Salimata and Abdramane will be able to realize their dreams. This Swiss association offers young people from disadvantaged backgrounds targeted training, thanks to its partnerships with local authorities, associations and businesses. The association has four application hotel-restaurants and a agroecological farm school in Cambodia, Senegal, Mali and Benin.

The association is not only active in Africa and Asia. Its objective is the promotion of responsible tourism contributing to the economic development of disadvantaged regions. In Switzerland, this involves raising awareness of what sustainable development is, and especially responsible tourism.

Satuday 25th at 13:30

Little by little, change our ways of living to protect our planet

myclimate is a partner for effective climate protection – both locally and globally. The Swiss Non-​Profit Organisation wants to shape the future together with its partners through consultation, education and climate protection projects. myclimate pursues this as a science-​based and business-​orientated non-​profit organisation.